Take back control of your sobriety in 21 days

How to quit your addiction from your home?

LiveFree 21 day Addiction Recovery Training
is the most convenient way
to face your addiction and turn it around!

No Empty Promises, No Guilt, Just A 21 day Live Free Online Addiction Training That Delivers,
And It Is Guaranteed 100% Risk-Free!

For some time
you feel like a prisoner
of your own bad habits?

  • You can't stay sober no matter how bad you want It, because, there are still triggers so strong that you go back and use again and again.
  • You keep causing friends and family members pain but don't want to do it anymore, yet it keeps happening.
  • Your family wants you BACK, but you don't really know how to get BACK.
  • You love your job, but your addiction has become more important that it makes you take days off and have now become unreliable, threatening your job.
  • And, if you leave your job to get the help you need in a rehab, everyone will know and you may not have a job when you come back.
  • You pray that you will wake up in the morning without a thought of using, but every day it happens. You are just so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

And you feel stuck?!?

You've become a real prisoner of your addiction that started effecting your daily life, including your work, social or physical wellbeing negatively, instead of living the life you want.

You've thought about going to traditional rehab or seeing a counselor even one on one. And maybe you have even gone to a couple of 12-step meetings or group sessions in your local community.

And YES, you've tried really hard on your own.

But some how you're still repeating the same things over and over again, trying to fight against your addiction.

And now, when you think again about quitting your addiction, you feel...


You are afraid of what others would think if they knew about your addiction, or that you may fail again in attempting to stay sober?


It makes you sad to think what it will be like not having your wine, beer, or drug at the end of a stressful day or week?


You are concerned that you will not stick to recovery, and that you will give up again, or that you will no longer fit in at social events?


There is another way that works, that is flexible with your schedule, doesn't require you to leave home, and it is effective and it is less expensive.

How do I know this?

You see, years ago I was suffering from addiction. And for years not admitting that I had a problem. Until that morning of my 27th birthday. I was so sick and tired of doing the same things. I yelled - enough is enough!!!

Starting treatment, I was desperately wanting to be done. Never to use again. But it happened... Leaving me questioning my decisions - what did I miss, and now what???

How was I going to stay sober when I just went to 45 days of treatment where I was taught the 12 steps of AA. Guided daily on emotions and had group sessions to grow from and that didn't help me. So, I got back up and tried again, thinking meetings were the right place for me.

Yes, I went again, but something was still missing deep down inside of me... Feeling like "This isn't the answer for me, this isn't my way".

I was so desperate to find "my" way. I was searching so much, that all I was doing was searching and not finding, until I realized I was slowly rolling back down the hill into my addiction...
And I relapsed again. This time almost not making it back alive.

You want to talk about SHAME? Guilt?
Well, I was at the top of the class in those categories.
Suffering in the pain. Swimming in the old pool of dirty waters...that I knew so well. I was thinking I had to be depressed and one option was going on medication to treat it.

And this was a major turning point - I said I would never give in to taking medication in order to feel better, until I tried EVERYTHING first. I needed to get to know my true self and I KNEW there had to be a way for me. I needed to love myself in order for me to build confidence and start breathing again, from the other side of addiction.

That statement I made to myself opened new doors for me. I found the team who was there to support my recovery with the resources, knowledge and the experience. That is where my true healing began. With all of that said, living sober and free, my goal and mission was to become part of the solution for ones suffering from addiction, just as I did.

To show you how to stand up for what you WANT and DESERVE.

I became a part of the team of professionals that helped me overcome my addiction for good , ready to help and serve others, and having that firsthand experience , we got together to create a solution. That's when LiveFree 21 Day Online Addiction Recovery Training was born.

With Love, Jodi Fiorino

Our training is based on 25 years of practice and success working with thousands of alcoholics and addicts.

21 Day Live Free Online Addiction Recovery Training uses a combination of cutting-edge NRT, Hypnosis, and NLP techniques alongside AA's 12-step program to provide the most inclusive training.

It took us months to wrap everything up

  • A scientific approach that improves decision-making and helps you change your behavior

  • Simple practices that "rewire" the brain out of destructive habit loops

  • Hypnosis that fortified the positive changes on subconscious level, that will help you remap your brain pathways

And Much, Much, more...

So, what will be your crucial steps toward your sobriety:

  • Tame The Thoughts: You will learn about a powerful cognitive-behavioral
    technique that changes your self-defeating thoughts that lead to using!
  • Understand The Addiction: Learn why it is so important to clear up
    misperceptions about addiction and common beliefs that are outright false!
  • Train The Mind: You will learn and apply evidence-based techniques how to
    change reaction to cravings and urges!
  • Hone Your Skills: With these tools, you can master the techniques, change
    your brain and ultimately change your life!
  • Create New You: You will have resources and tools to recreate your
    Identity and start living the life you wish for, sober and free.
Buy for $197

What will you experience during LiveFree 21 day Online Addiction Recovery Training?

LiveFree 21 day Online Addiction Recovery Training will guide you daily through Neuro Restructuring Techniques, Hypnosis, NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the best of the 12 step program.

Latest science on human behavior and years of experiences within a field are gathered in unique and powerful formulas that will serve your freedom!

This training has been created with one purpose in mind: to create the most effective recovery resource for you -- helping you replace your addiction with the vibrant, purposeful, joy-filled life you want.

By bringing together the best of science on human needs and behavior with the best online approach

You Won't Just Change Your Addiction

You'll Change Your Life

Get committed, Get
Motivated And Stop Your
Addiction FOREVER!

This program is designed to make the
quitting process as SIMPLE and PAINLESS as

Together, we will train your subconscious
to overcome your addiction - you CAN
beat the cravings and turn your life around.

We provide guidance and support to guide
you through motivation, getting ready to
quit, what you may be experiencing, how
to cope with withdrawal, making effective
lifestyle changes and so much more.

What will you accomplish
with this training?

  • You will learn to defend yourself against your addiction by looking out for signs that you are ready to give into your addiction and how to stop it before it starts.
  • You will also be taught how to stay on the right path to fight against any temptations that will lead you back to addiction.
  • Change your mindset and relationship towards addiction so you start living sober and free.
  • You will start living addiction free by changing all parts of your life that make you addicted so you can stay sober.
  • You will be able to live your life without fear going back to addiction so you do not need to escape life to escape addiction.

The system will show you how to find
the power inside of yourself to
change and resist your addiction.

Walk away with a plan!

LiveFree 21 day Online Addiction Recovery Training plan includes:

  • 21 video lessons - have been designed as self-paced, tailored approaches to walk you through exactly what you need to learn and do - step-by-step.
  • Daily 60 min zoom prerecorded class - deep-drive recovery focused training session.
  • Hypnosis morning audio - this audio file should be listening to in the morning to fortify your sobriety during the day and keep your moving toward your freedom
  • Hypnosis evening audio - this audio files should be listened to at night, before bed, and will help you drift into a deep natural sleep.
  • Daily journal - In this daily journal log we encourage you to express yourself. Tell us about what you have learned and how you will use this daily information towards your recovery.
  • Support within a closed FB group - meet new friends, swap the stories, participate guided discussion.
  • Certificate of completion included - once you complete full 21 day on line training, and share your progress with us, you will receive your certificate of completion

Extraordinary user experience

We have created a feature rich, easy-to-use portal to support you through this critical time of change.

In addition we have built a community where you can privately connect, support and interact with other like-minded individuals. All of which is only as far away as your computer, tablet, or phone.

And even more

With this program you will take back control of your life, become pro-active about creating your future, solve deeply troubling situations and move forward, and all that you will get straight from the comfort of your home.

You can purchase this training for only $197

Nothing compared to the price of thousands of dollars for rehab retreats, or hiring addiction specialist, or the fact that your addiction could cost you your life and future opportunities to look and stay sober and free.

Live Free online Addiction recovery Training - step by step instructions to solve your addiction, delivered to your email immidiately.

This is a one-time payment. No hidden extra fees or shipping costs.

Buy for $197

Not sure yet?

Take a sneak peek

  • Easy access and navigation - the training is in on-line format so you can start experiencing it on your tablet, laptop, or phone
  • Easy to assemble in your daily routine - you can do it on your own pace
  • Dynamic program with daily activities to keep you moving forward - this program will warm you up and get you fit for change you are ready to make
  • Immediate results - you will see and feel improvements on a daily basis
  • Reboot your mind and body - you will experience overall improvements in your life, by remaping your brain and feeling better in your body
  • Roadmap to sobriety - this training will provide you with tools, knowledge and mindset, required for you to win your sobriety, once for good

So let's sum it up:

  • Yes, you can perform it on your own! Every step is thoroughly explained so it can be understood by every user.

  • If it does not work, we offer a full money back guarantee.

  • This course is exactly the same as if you were to hire the best therapist or addiction specialist you could find.

A New, Happy You, Or Your Money Back

100% Money Guarantee

We know you'll like your experience during LiveFree 21 day Addiction Recovery Training, just like many before you. In fact, we guarantee it!

Attend all 21 days, participate in the exercises, and let the complete transformation of your life happen. If you're not fully satisfied with what you have learned, let us know and we'll refund your entire tuition. You have nothing to lose!

Please, Do not take this course if...

The guidelines in this course will work. But if you are not ready to commit for your well-being (at least 1-2h a day for a few weeks), then please, do not take this course.

You're are a living being. It took you years to create some bad habits. So, don't expect to just "push a few buttons" and solve the problem.

Welcome to this life changing training, if you are willing to commit to your sobriety and freedom.

How it works?

It is very simple to get started, now!
Just follow these 3 steps





These are the people who have been through the training, play the videos to see how it worked for them:

Do not miss this

LiveFree Training is Online Rehab, unlike any other traditional treatment alternative.

LiveFree private online training offers the flexibility, structure, and support for the individual who are still suffering as well as those who are in early recovery.

LiveFree is a collection of the best "change your life" tools and resources. It will walk you through a proven process of self-discovery, and then provide you with powerful solutions tailored to YOU.

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