Addiction is a LIFE or DEATH for a lot of people

Being on the edge, providing the on line addiction recovery training we have been regularly  challenged with very tentative questions, that we are bring here row along with our answers.

Do you know that some withdrawals can be life threatening? Benzodiazepines and alcohol are extremely dangerous to detox from. People can have seizures and delirium tremens. I’m sure your intention was to help people but this isn’t helpful. And it certainly wouldn’t be “risk free” if their very life was on the line… Be mindful of the promises that you’re making. This is serious.

Live Free Thank you for bringing this up. We are aware of that. We had the client in UK that would disappear on the camera during class to go have a sip of alcohol.
We also had one that admitted still using. We stopped the training for both and suggested them to go to see help face to face.

We know that quitting “cold turkey” can have challenging effects on body, but we did not really find any statistics on it. I mean – how many people actually die of withdrawal, vs. die of using it. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 88,000 people die from alcohol-related deaths each year in the United States alone, some other sources indicate over 110,000. Statistics are also showing 32,000 deaths over reaction to prescription drugs, 7,600 over Aspirin and similar Anti-Inflammatory drugs, etc.


Now, picture this disclaimer: “warring – our training can create instant need for sobriety and that could be life threatening.”
Jokes aside, I like this paragraph:

“So Myth busters’ conclusion is yes, you can die from alcohol withdrawal – not because stopping drinking is bad, but because your body has become convinced it needs alcohol to survive, and it just might kill you if it doesn’t get it.”

More here:…/mythbusters-death…/

Last, and most important, we are providing the training that is designed to improve passion for life, to help our clients see what they have been missing while under influence. To show them tools they can use to overcome need for addictive behavior, everything is based to help and educate to do what’s right for them.

There is no magic pill, nothing instantaneous to be harmful for anyone’s life.
It is, however, as we, along with our clients, have confirmed it to be valuable addition to war against addiction in today’s world.

Addiction is a LIFE or DEATH for a lot of people

This is why we are so passionate about it. I believe that every recovered addict has received a gift, a gift of life, and being aware of it more than someone who never had to deal with it. It is very rewarding working with this people. As far as money making scams, well, I understand why would you think that, and will take this as a compliment, as you obviously know how many people have purchased this training. And, last but not least, I said – TRAINING – not the treatment. As far as mine, and others credentials goes – our results speak for themselves.

Please, stay in touch thank you for this again.