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We know that Live Rich has nothing to do with amounts of money on your accounts, if it was about money, it would be about how we use it, not how much we have available. But it is not about money. Not only money at least to say.

LiveRich is about management, life resources management. Live Rich is about managing the resources that are given to us wisely and respectfully, whether that is food, water, gasoline, medicine, money or maybe time, the one I believe to be the most valuable of all, and of course, our health.

Without health it is hard to enjoy life. If we are wasting our health long term to get short term high, we are not using that resource wisely. This is what LiveFree is about.
Regardless of the amounts of money one can have, regardless of social position, race or origin, LiveRich standard represents a quality of life, appreciation and gratitude one has towards life in general and that is in direct proportion to one’s level of joy and happiness, in combination with love expressed and received.

Live Rich is being in love with all there is.

Becoming a member, you are recognizing the value of having such a standard in your life, and besides having a privilege being recognized as a LiveRich member, it becomes your duty, but also a natural need to help others achieve your level of understanding what is it makes life better.

LiveRich standard recognizes that the purpose of life is to enjoy every moment of it, and when we inspire others to feel the same, it gives an even deeper meaning and significance.

By joining this group, you have everything to win – nothing to lose.

Live Rich my friend. Live Rich