Narrative behind our training

Why we call it a training, not program or treatment? It is not a 21-day online program, it is a training. Of course, it has its structure, but we don’t call it program, as we don’t believe in one size fits all, we call it a training as it is designed to provide the tools…

Heroin: The poisoning of America

The United States is battling the biggest heroin epidemic in decades. CNN’s Deborah Feyerick traveled the country to find the people and the towns fighting the war against the drug that has taken on a new, powerful form and is indiscriminately claiming the lives of thousands. THE BORDER From the air, to the sea and…

Challenging Old Assumptions About Alcoholism

Dr. Mark L. Willenbring is the director of the Treatment and Recovery Research Division at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. As a researcher, he focuses on developing and implementing evidence-based guidelines for treating addiction. He is also a practicing addiction psychiatrist and a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Before joining…

Dozens hospitalized in NYC for apparent K2 overdoses

NEW YORK — Police said at least 33 people were hospitalized Tuesday after showing signs of overdosing on synthetic marijuana in Brooklyn, CBS New York reported. The incident happened in the neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, in the same area where the station reported on the problem last month. CBS New York reported that police rushed Tuesday from…

How Confronting Addiction and Depression and Finding His Birth Mom Saved Run-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels from Committing Suicide

Most know Darryl “DMC” McDaniels for his sick rhymes, hip-hop legacy in groundbreaking group Run-DMC and placement in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – but his rock star life was riddled with demons. Growing Pains: A Tough Transition to Stardom Growing up in a middle-class family in Queens, New York, McDaniels – a…

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