Dean Stojic

Founder & CEO

I am the strongest relaxed,
I am the fastest when I slow down,
I get all I want when I give up the need to have it.
Thank you I love you.

Dean Stojic is the Founder and CEO of LiveRich; the transformational education company which brings the world’s latest information and knowledge together to revolutionize personal development worldwide.
Dean is an expert in personal development and is committed to bringing those skills and experience to a global audience. He is Certified Consulting Hypnotist and a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). He has been student for years of Tony Robins, getting the knowledge and experience in Business Mastery and Life and Wealth Mastery. Dean certified in Mastery University that promotes life-long learning to help people create most extraordinary life.
Dean mentor and train people from diverse backgrounds; as well as work directly with the drug addicts and trauma cases.
Dean is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a patron of registered Charity (LiveRich foundation) and an active supporter of multiple charitable causes.

Dean’s unique way of looking at and relating to life and business is inspiring other people worldwide to progress and experience more happiness in their lives.With empowering psychology, through practical and yet profound shifts in awareness, Dean is training people on motivation at a super high level.Dean has a giving and generous spirit, with a great passion to share the information, knowledge and experience and teach others how to improve their life and experience more passion, joy and happiness.

Live Free and Live Rich are my gifts to the people. People like you – passionate, curious, brave, loving, wild, wanting to do and be better all the time. The way of people like us is not easy, as we need the bump on the road to appreciate the smooth section, we need the turn to appreciate the straight, we need to slow down to accelerate and squat to jump higher. But if we master the skill we get on the top, and nothing takes us down. This is my mission, my friends, and Live Rich, and me, and all my resources are here to serve you.
Welcome to Live Free , Per Aspera Ad Astra.

Jodi Ann Fiorino

Executive Vice-President

Believe in yourself
And all that you are,
Know that there is something inside you
that is greater than any obstacle.

Jodi Fiorino is vice president of Live Rich.
Jodi’s passion for serving and helping others, and her personal story on addiction, created space for her to be a great inspiration and support to ones who want to create even more freedom, joy and passion in life.

“Years ago, on my birthday, I woke up and said “I never want to wake up on another birthday doing the same things I am now!”
And since then, life has amounted to way more than I thought it ever could be. Since than I have been sober, not only sober but I have fallen in love with feeling ALIVE, living life on my terms.
What is my story on addiction?
I had a nice childhood, graduated from college and had I great plans for my future. But not everything worked as I expected.
At the age of 23 I was chasing my dream job, and at the same time having a boyfriend who became addicted to his prescription pain meds wasn’t helping my focus on my bright future either.
With all the stresses piling up I started falling into the ’victim’ game, feeling sorry for myself, blaming others, which ended up leading me to my addiction.
Fast forward a 3 years later, I was STILL laying myself, ’I am FINE.’ I can do this on my own.
But actually, my life was destroyed. Relationships with best friends were ruined, family members were hurt and suffering…
Until that one morning of my 27th birthday. I was so sick and tired of doing the same things, and yelled – enough is enough.
Within a day I was off to treatment, with clear decision to get sober for me. And only me, this time.

But that was not final day of my battle. Treatment was actually starting point for my journey.
Starting the treatment, I was desperately wanting to be done. Never to use again. Confidently making that decision to be done. But it happened.
Leaving me questioning my decisions -what did I miss, did I miss the whole thing, and what now???
Than I met Dean, who made a decision to support my recovery (just like you are meeting us wanting to support your recovery).In order for someone else to support me, I had to open up and become vulnerable.Open up enough to let someone in, into that journey. Giving trust to someone else is crucial. That’s where my true healing began.
Through that journey together, overcoming , at times, unbearable challenges, LiveRich and LiveFree was born so that we could so freely give to others what was given to me.
A chance to change a life around and live free again. This training is dedicated to all of you who are ready to say – enough is enough!
To all of you ready to open up the space for someone else to support you to be done and create your brighter future.Because, our mission is to help you live life you desire.
My journey, for freedom, for self- discovery , integrity, love and for my purpose is how I now experience life on a higher level. Without any enhancements. One word brings me to a higher place every single time, pure euphoria and that word is GRATITUDE.
So today, I am here with my mission to share these gifts that were so graciously given to me  with you, to help you find your purpose, the meaning of life and how to live free with passion that you already have within you.