Why we call it a training, not program or treatment?

It is not a 21-day online program, it is a training.

Of course, it has its structure, but we don’t call it program, as we don’t believe in one size fits all, we call it a training as it is designed to provide the tools for the addict entering recovery or even, already in recovery to use so they would change their program, the pattern that gets them there in the first place.

We believe that many addictions are habits, and it can be broken, in order to break the habit, studies shows – it takes 21 days.

Second, it is not addiction treatment, it is, again, a training. We don’t claim to treat addiction, as a matter of fact – we say that we don’t treat addiction, we treat life.

How we got involved?

We used to advertise heavily when we first started, I was on a mission to buy the rehab and implement hypnosis and NLP in the recovery process, which is my expertise, in a rehab environment, but I gave up. The reason I gave up is that the item that was providing most profits, in a three year period, was “return business – client retention” ?! The most money was made in clients that would come back, relapse. What?!

And you know why – because the “acquisition cost” was not there when they would come back on their own.

Let’s translate that – Rehab makes money off people relapsing. Statics were excellent for the business. I didn’t want to be part of it.

So, we started on our own. I hired the expert in the area, licensed in everything related to addiction, doctor psychologist, recovered addict and hypnotist himself, Dr. William Horton.

His job was to create the structure (even he called it program at first) that is behind our product now. We had him employed for over a year doing this as his only job and that created LiveFree training structure as we have it now.



Today we have live classes, utilizing those videos, as well as recordings of those live classes that we sell at the fraction of the cost.


Thank you,

Dean Stojic