Phil Collins: ‘Alcohol almost killed me’

Phil Collins says alcohol almost killed him.

The 65-year-old musician will open up about his battle with booze in his new memoir ‘I’m Not Dead Yet’ and admitted that at one stage it was so serious he “came very close to dying”.

He told the New York Times: “The book is honest, it’s self-deprecating.

“I’m not shirking my responsibilities. You start drinking, then you start drinking too much – then it physically hurts you.

“I came very close to dying at that point.”

Meanwhile, Phil and his third wife Orianne Cevey – who divorced in 2008 and have sons Nicholas, 14, and Matthew, 11 together – rekindled their relationship earlier this year and he couldn’t be happier.

He previously said: “It’s lovely. I’m back with her. We never really wanted to split. I mean, we did, but we stayed in touch, and we were so close because of the kids, and we kept it sensible. We didn’t go the way that a lot of couples go, and that obviously is evident because we are back together again. The boys are over the moon because their dad is back with their mom.”

“We were always very close, because of the children, and just last year I realized he is indeed the man of my life.”

source: msn entertainment