The word from LiveFree trainees, once just strangers, now our dear friends

Lisa H.

I was prescribed pain medication for 20 years and took it religiously.  I realized I was no longer participating in life and tried countless times to stop taking them.  Nothing worked and I mean nothing.  That is until I found the online Live Free Addiction Recovery Training Program.  Using hypnosis and NLP together this program taught me so much and really allowed me to finally take control.  I cannot recommend this program enough not only for those who struggle with addiction but anyone.  You will learn how to program your brain for success.   I guarantee this program is going to blow the entire addiction treatment out of the water.  Sign up today while you can.

G. F.

This 21-Day training fit my schedule perfectly. Being a busy working mom I had the opportunity to fit this in and find some time for ME and get clarification with my drinking problem.
It gave me tools and support to step up for change.
I loved the videos and relaxation processes.
I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to follow through with the program. Staff is amazing and always available for more support.

Thank you


Gilles B.

I would like to thank all the staff at the LiveFree Addiction Recovery Training.  Being able to go through such a powerful course with the convenience of being home and not having to put the rest of my life on hold was great and beneficial to my recovery. You can really tell the staff have your recovery and well-being at heart and offering aftercare really shows their dedication to helping you. I would encourage anyone that is serious about addressing the underlying reasons causing your addictive behavior and looking to take back control of their life to pursue this advanced method of recovery.

Brandy E.

As I was literally journaling last night and I was thinking how god works in mysterious ways! I had just relapsed and was down and out about it! Bryan Edmund sent me a message with a number and said if you need extra support call he couldn’t of sent that message at a better time thank you!!!!! This program is what I needed being a single mother I get to do it at home and learn how to recover in my own environment!!! As this class comes to a end I’m grateful that I actually can see a change in myself!!! #thankful#sober