Why do we refuse to call addiction a disease?

You probably heard of concept which treats addiction as a disease?  Is it a true? Is it proven to be?
Is it useful assumption for recovery success? Probably not.

And that Is why we are taking yours and our time on this!

There are many reasons why we refuse to call addiction a disease and let’s name a couple:

Pharmaceutical companies would for sure prefer if addiction was a disease, and they would probably work on developing a medicine to treat the disease and make money.
If we think about it, we would like it better if it was a disease  also – it would be easier to treat it,  even if we don’t have a magic pill yet.
As a matter of fact, we don’t have any pills to treat addiction on pills at all.

Also, an addict is often a person with the shaken confidence, with lack of will power, desperate and depressed quite often.
So, somebody willing to help, goes to that person and tells them that they need to take charge of their life’s again, the they need to change inside out, that they have the power to control addictive behavior; but they really don’t feel they do. They lost that. It is bigger than them.

pain form addiction
I heard that before – “You don’t know what are you dealing with!”

On another hand, somebody tells them – that it is a disease, that it’s not their fault, and there is nothing that they can do about it –  it is the easy way out for a person who is petrified of change.
They will just do what they’re doing, waiting for somebody else to solve their problems.

How often in our life’s, since we stopped using diapers, somebody solved the problem for us long-term?

Powerless over addictive substance not powerless to change

If we accept addiction is a disease, then we accept that we are powerless, and there is nothing we can do about it.

The first step of the 12-step program is indeed admitting that we are powerless – but powerless over addictive substance not powerless to change.
12-step program has the similar structure as our training. We even incorporated in a training a few days  of 12 -step, as we understand  it works better when combined with the science of NLP and Subconscious suggestions, along with the subliminal messages throughout the training.

Disease means you have a lower chance?

Cancer is a disease, yet when a doctor gives a patient life expectancy for a stage 4 tumor, it is more like the patient was given a death sentence.
Accuracy is mind-blowing when it comes to that.

Somebody once said that the addiction is like a stage 4 cancer, and in most cases, we agree.
Chances of surviving stage 4 cancer with the use of medicine are minimal,  and still , people  survive stage-4 cancer and live healthy long after.

Also,people survive addictive behavior and live sober long after.

Those who do live sober and healthy long after, did not get there using a pill. They got there, because the willingness to live was stronger than the fear of change.
Willingness to fight and live was stronger than to give up and die.

If you  feel addiction is not a disease, and would like to broaden your thoughts on it , this might be interesting for you https://ndarc.med.unsw.edu.au/blog/why-addiction-isnt-disease-instead-result-deep-learning.

Being solid in this opinion, we are here in our mission, to support with all we got those willing to live and fight  for a life worth living.