Believe In Yourself

Believe in Yourself Trough our life journey, there is something within us capable of leading us successfully to the finish line, whatever and wherever it is. In moments of self-doubt, voice that whisper “believe in yourself” will spark that invisible force within us that is grater that any obstacle in our life. Make that voice…

Be Here

Be Here Being  in past that we can not change, or we can not bring  back, or being  in future that worries or frighten us,  keep us away from NOW, and now, it is the only possible moment of creation. We create our future, now.

Always Do Best

Always do your best If there would be a magic formula, ultimate recipe for fulfilment and joy, it would have two ingredients  – do your best  and do it with your heart. When you do it with your heart – you are going to love it. Isn’t it all about loving it and feeling joy…

Human Limitation

Human Limitation Very often we are prisoners of our own mind. We set the boundaries, what is possible, and what is not. But those boundaries and limits, only exist in our heads. Once we free up our mind, and start believing that we are limitless, we will start to create freedom and abundance in all…

Pushing Yourself

Pushing Yourself Sometimes, we are tired, exhausted, lost, reedy to give up on the next move, but that second, in that tiny moment, pushing your self is crucial. Once you make it, you cross that line, all the efforts will become meaningful, and you will be proud of yourself. When you doubt the most, it…

Recovery is a Journey

Recovery is a journey We are so humbled by the bravery in all of you who committed to recovery! It’s time to give yourself the love and kindness it was being neglected of. The pieces of you that no longer serve you will disappear making space for the ones that do to rise up and…

Driving Force

Hunger is the Driving Force Is it to be free, to be successful, to be strong, to be abundant … What is it? What is your hunger? That hunger, once you name it, will feed your actions, your decisions, and keep you going toward your goals.

Extra Mile

Extra Mile Raise your standards in devoting your time, energy, focus, patience … And run that extra mile. Reward is coming instantaneously within you, feeling better, having more confidence and naturally, results will follow, too.