Bring Beauty Yes, we do observe our world through our eyes, but beauty we recognize connects to our heart eye. When we live from our heart, we find beauty effortlessly, and we shine out beauty more naturally.

Going in Right Direction

Going in Right Direction Action is ultimate ingredient of success. And, yes, very often it means going an extra mile. When going an extra mile, do not forget to make sure that you are going an extra mile in right direction.

New Beginning

Every Day is a New Beginning Start today. Do not bother why you miss yesterday. Yesterday is already in your past, and can not change it. But, today, you can create. What counts, is what you are doing right now. Breath in and go for it!

Today is the Day

Today is the Day If you feel changing the way you act, you react, you talk, you think, now it is the time. Why wait?!? Might think¬† –¬† too old, to many failures, too stubborn, lack of support … And other great excuses. Remember, today is the day! The moment you start training your brain,…

Being in Love With All There is, is the Beginning

The Beginning Love is the greatest power in the universe. Once we make a peace with life and start being in love with everything there is (without judgements and expectations), we will grant ourselves ticket for freedom. And, it is just a beginning.

Change Inside Out

Change Inside Out How many times we suffer from our expectations, how world should be, how other people should be? And we try hard to change the world outside. Usually it does not work. Magic recipe – Turn the attention inside, and start building beautiful world inside yourself. World of love, compassion, kindness, understanding, joy,…

Internal State

Internal State Beauty can be seen only from the beautiful inner self. Choose to be happy, and the would around you will change to a beauty.