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The LiveFree Online Addiction Recovery Training offers drug and alcohol addiction programs to those who are still suffering as well as those who are in early recovery.  For those who feel they cannot remove themselves from the home or work environment to go to a treatment facility, this program sees you, hears you, and was designed for you!

Many of us who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction understand that after spending time in a treatment facility, there are countless challenges we face when we get back to real life.  LiveFree’s private online program offers the flexibility, structure, and support for the individual in early recovery or transitioning from treatment to a new life.

LiveFree understands that our methods must evolve as our world does.  As we spend a greater number of our waking hours electronically connected, we have become comfortable experiencing growth and personal development on the internet too.

LiveFree uses a combination of cutting-edge NRT, hypnotic, and NLP techniques alongside AA’s 12-step program to provide the most inclusive program on the planet.  Our program is based on 25 years of practice and success working with thousands of alcoholics and addicts.

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