LiveFree Online Addiction Recovery Training for Women

In many aspects, the needs of women are completely different and distinct from that of men and this is evident in how women respond to the recovery process. Women are much more likely to have been the victims of trauma, abuse or neglect than their addicted male counterparts, it’s not that the addiction is different, but that the recovery process may be.
We know that you, like us, want to resolve whatever issues are stopping you from releasing this problem, to get your life back on track.
Unlike other addiction treatment centers Live Free Online Addiction Recovery Training not only has its focus on chemical dependence, we also address and treat the psychological issues central to addiction. We identify the reason for the addiction and find a long-lasting solution. We do this in how the training is set up so you get to attack and resolve the issues that keep you in the cycle of addiction in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Just as differences in gender can come into play for treatment, each person has unique special aspects that must be addressed. What works for men in treatment may not work for a woman.
We approach the problem by helping you go inside to resolve the issues you need to so you can speed your own personal recovery.