By improving the quality of your life, improving your self-talk, your self-confidence, your belief system, redefining your fears, stresses and triggers, changing your thinking patterns, need for addictions cease to exist.

Start every day right!

We created our Live Rich App to help you start the morning right and keep the good vibes through the day.

You can start practicing positive affirmations daily, so you build up your confidence and sense of self-worth.

LiveFree - Online Addiction Recovery

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What are they saying?

We do not treat addiction, we treat life!

When the opportunity comes your way,
take the responsibility and grab it!

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Three-day trial allows you to explore first three days of our training, to confirm that it is the right fit for you.

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A new you hypnosis.>>>>>
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EFT E-book and video manual

How to use EFT for relief from addictive cravings, withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, pain and upsetting memories

Quit addiction from the comfort of your home

Make it easy for you to stay sober with
LiveFree 21 day Online Recovery Training.

Our training is designed to support and fortify your recovery.
It is based on 25 years of practice and success working with thousands of alcoholics and addicts.

21 Day Live Free Online Addiction Recovery Training uses a combination of cutting-edge NRT, Hypnosis, and NLP techniques alongside AA’s 12-step program to provide the most inclusive training on the planet.

It is 21 days, ONLINE, from home, and it works.

LiveFree - Online Addiction Recovery