Psychotherapy via internet as good as if not better than face-to-face consultations

Online psychotherapy is just as efficient as conventional therapy. Three months after the end of the therapy, patients given online treatment even displayed fewer symptoms. For the first time, clinical researchers from the University of Zurich provide scientific evidence of the equal value of internet-based psychotherapy. Does psychotherapy via the Internet work? For the first…

UF finding great success with online anxiety counseling

The University of Florida’s Counseling & Wellness Center has launched a novel program that provides therapy to patients with anxiety disorders — all over a computer screen. The Therapy Assisted Online (TAO) program, started in the fall, has had staggering results, showing that it is, so far, more successful than individual or group therapy sessions…
Live Free - Online Addiction Recovery Program for Women

LiveFree Online Addiction Recovery Program for Women

In many aspects, the needs of women are completely different and distinct from that of men and this is evident in how women respond to the recovery process. Women are much more likely to have been the victims of trauma, abuse or neglect than their addicted male counterparts, it’s not that the addiction is different,…

LiveFree Online Addiction Recovery Training for Athletes

When one looks at athletes and performers the draw to addictions can come from several factors. I know that you, like us, want to excel without becoming addicted to anything that stops us from being our very best. Some of these addiction factors include: The Pressure athletes and performers often have can lead to being…
LiveFree - Online Addiction Recovery Training for Veterans

LiveFree Online Addiction Recovery Training for Veterans

Many men and women who are serving or have served in the United States military, or any military may struggle with addiction. Veterans who have seen combat may have co-occurring disorders, such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, in addition to an addiction. Traumatic events such as combat exposure and multiple deployments can trigger drug…

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