It does not sound possible to quit addiction in 21 day, at home, right?

Integrating neuroscience, cognitive therapy, hypnosis,
proven tools and techniques,
21 day on line addiction recovery training will help you
achieve your goals –
getting sober and creating positive, permanent
change in your life, at your home now.

Addiction is a problem, until it’s not!

Then it becomes a driving force to be even better.

Training Overview:
How our Online Rehab works?

LiveFree’s 21 day Online Recovery Training – Inner Directed Conscious and Subconscious Treatment Training will guide you through daily Neuro Restructuring Technique classes, using Hypnosis, NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the best of the 12 step programs  that was developed after years of study and success in a private practice settings. Each daily class provides interactive therapeutic processes and exercises. Hypnotic video along with an audio session will become available to you for download. You may listen to each of them in the privacy of your own home, on your own time, and on your own schedule.
The LiveFree training features daily 60-minute group classes by our accredited facilitators.  Group classes are very important to those in recovery as they allow you to share a common identity and a sense of shared purpose. You may actively engage or not, it is your recovery and you decide the best way to achieve your goals.
Online review processes, as well as a comprehensive final review, will help to ensure the integration of knowledge and structure into your daily life.
For those who wish to continue with additional programming during their early sobriety, LiveFree offers a follow-up training.  Additional private sessions as well as weekly support group classes focus on the specific needs of those still in the early days of recovery.
All LiveFree facilitators use the same proven approach – based on Neuro Restructuring Techniques, NLP, Hypnosis, Cognitive Therapy, and a 12-Step friendly philosophy – that is successful in our offices & centers. We are proud to lead the field in new treatments and have one of the highest success rates in the country!

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LiveFree Training offers Online Rehab, unlike any other traditional treatment alternative

Testimonials – The word from LiveFree trainees


More than 23 million Americans are in need of alcohol addiction treatment or drug addiction treatment.
Almost every rehab center is already operating at max capacity.
We recognize the opportunity and our ability to help by providing faster and possibly even more effective care. Our revolutionary online addiction recovery method is more affordable than 12step program or AA  with easier access for our clients. That is what the LiveRich Association is all about. Formed by professionals with personal reasons and strong motivation. Backed by years of experience, for a fraction of the cost, going live and online. LiveFree Online Addiction Recovery Training is able to bring change to your life.

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We offer drug and alcohol addiction training to those who are still suffering as well as those who are in early recovery. Many of us who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction understand that after spending time in a treatment facility, there are countless challenges we face when we get back to real life.  LiveFree’s private online training offers the flexibility, structure, and support for the individual in early recovery or transitioning from treatment to a new life.
LiveFree understands that our methods must evolve as our world does.  As we spend a greater number of our waking hours electronically connected, we have become comfortable experiencing growth and personal development on the internet too.
LiveFree uses a combination of cutting-edge NRT, hypnotic, and NLP techniques alongside AA’s 12-step program to provide the most inclusive training on the planet.  Our training is based on 25 years of practice and success working with thousands of alcoholics and addicts.